Duke Jupiter I

Duke Jupiter's 4th album (1981) ushered in a new era with a new deal on CBS Records' affiliate Coast to Coast Records. Marshall, Greg, and Goeorge trimmed the group back to a quartet featuring Dave Corcoran on drums.

George Barajas had become terminally ill with a brain tumor and was only able to play bass on some of the tracks. Rickey Ellis was brought on board to take George's place as bassist. Their new sound had developed into a straight ahead Rock/R&B format. This was their most successful album to date.

Radio loved "I'll Drink to You" and it climbed up the Billboard charts to a Top 20 hit. It was the early days of MTV and they were broadcasting the live performance of "I'll Drink to You" — recorded on tour at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby, PA.

I'll Drink To You Slow, Loud and Dirty
Rockin' In A Motel Room Don't You Walk That Way
The Wrong Ones Baby I Do
Don't You Look At Me Like That I Refuse (Live)
Sugar Blues Little Lady (Live)
Rock-n-Roll Band  

Duke Jupiter